Luis Figo declares for FIFA Presidency….

Former Portugal and Real Madrid star, Luis Figo has declared his intention to challenge Sepp Blatter for the Fifa Presidency. “I care about football so what I’m seeing regarding the image of Fifa, not only now but in the past years, I don’t like it. Last year was a World Cup year, I was in Brazil, I saw the reaction of the fans regarding the image of Fifa. “Something has to be changed. Change in leadership, in governance, in transparency, in solidarity. Now is the time for that.” Figo confirmed he has the five required letters of support from National Associations, making him a serious, and confirmed candidate. Figo was a player of the highest calibre for Barcelona and Real Madrid, winning the World Player of the Year in 2000. He told CNN his first priority as President would be to “increase solidarity.” Figo confirmed he was not being paid by anyone to stand for their position. In contrast to David Ginola, whose recent declaration was supported by a bookmaker and did not have the backing of any national associations. Asked if Sepp Blatter was beatable, he said “No one is untouchable in this life.” The deadlines for nominations close tomorrow. Other confirmed candidates are Prince Ali Hussein of Jordan and Michael Van Praag the head of the Dutch FA. Chilean Football Administrator Harold Mayne Nicholls is holding a news conference later today and may also declare his intention to stand.

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