Morocco appeal Nations Cup ban….

The Court of Arbitration for Sport

Morocco has appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport about its expulsion from the next two editions of the Africa Cup of Nations.

The North African country was banned from both the 2017 and 2019 tournaments for failing to host the 2015 edition, BBC reports. Morocco was also fined $1m and ordered to pay $9 million in compensation for pulling out at the last minute due to fears over the spread of Ebola. Moroccan officials had called for the tournament to be delayed as concerns over the potential spread of the virus grew, and then declined to host it when that delay was not granted. The 2015 event was hosted by Equatorial Guinea and won by Ivory Coast. Earlier this month, the Royal Federation of Moroccan Football (FRMF) said it “rejects all of these sports and financial sanctions”. The FMRF has taken the case to the Swiss-based court, requesting the penalties be rescinded by the end of next month. “An arbitration procedure has been opened and is being conducted according to the Code of Sports-related Arbitration,” CAS said in a statement. “We have taken our case to the CAS and we will soon take it to the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris,” said FRMF spokesman Mohamed Makrouf. “This is not a conflict with the Caf. The law allows to appeal and we will accept any decision from the court.”

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