Breaking News: Blatter quits as FIFA President….

Sepp Blatter

Sepp Blatter has quit as FIFA president, BBC reprts. He says: “An extraordinary congress is to be called to elect my successor as soon as possible.” Sepp Blatter also says: “I have thoroughly considered my presidency and thought about my presidency and the last 40 years in my life. “These years were closely related to FIFA and this wonderful sport of football, I appreciate and love FIFA more than anything else and only want to do the best for football and FIFA and our institution.”  “I decided to stand again to be elected because I convinced it was the best option for football. The challenges that Fifa are facing have not come to an end.””Although the members of FIFA gave me a new mandate, this mandate does not seem to be supported by everyone in the world. “This is why I will call an extraordinary congress to held as soon as possible for a new president elected to follow me as new president with a new election held.”

“The next congress of FIFA is on May 13 in Mexico and if we waited until then it will only delay matters. I will ask the organising executive committee to organise extraordinary congress to elect a successor. “The procedure is to be carried out in accordance within FIFA statutes and sufficient time allocated to find best possible candidates. I will not stand I am free from the constraints of an election.” “I would like to thank everyone who has always supported me as president of FIFA. FIFA has done so much for football.”

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