South Africa denies World Cup bribe….

Sepp Blatter

South Africa has denied paying a $10m bribe to secure the 2010 World Cup, in the wake of a US inquiry into corruption at world football body FIFA. Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula said the money in question was above board and intended to support football in the African diaspora in the Caribbean. US officials allege South Africa paid a $10m bribe in exchange for support for its 2010 World Cup bid from former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner and several other members of the North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF). But in a press conference on Wednesday, Mr Mbalula said South Africa “categorically denied” the allegation, adding that the money went towards an approved programme to help the development of football in the Caribbean. The money went into a fund controlled by Mr Warner. In a passionate defence of South Africa’s integrity, Mr Mbalula railed against those who sought to be “world policemen”, adding “we believe in multilateralism not unilateralism”. He added: “It is for the British and the Americans to fight their battles and… we’ll never be part of the vested interests. We have fought colonialism and defeated it and we still fight imperialism and we will fight it whenever it manifests itself.”

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