Costa Rica coach Wanchope resigns after brawl….

Costa Rica head coach Paulo Wanchope has resigned after being involved in a brawl during a match against Panama. The 39-year-old former Derby County and Manchester City striker retaliated after being pushed by a steward during the under-23 Olympic qualifier on Tuesday. The struggle between the two men ended when security guards pulled them apart. “Following a meeting, the manager Wanchope has decided to step aside,” said a Costa Rica statement.¬†¬†Wanchope said he got angry when the steward stopped him getting to the pitch. He said: “He denied me access even though I had accreditation. Then I decided to open the gate myself. Then I was pushed by the steward who was there and I pushed him back. You could all see that.” The former West Ham player added: “A thousand apologies to everyone in Panama for this incident, obviously also to Costa Rica for what has happened. “I have always been known for defending my country, and behaving in the best possible way. We’re human beings and I reacted in a way that was wrong.”

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