Sunday Oliseh, the bumbling Super Eagles coach….

Article written by journalist and Sports development Enthusiast, Aderonke Bello:

I have said it over and again, Oliseh is not the right choice for the Super eagles job. So far the NFF said he is what they want, then, so be it! Some weeks ago in Abuja, the Nigeria Football Federation appointed Sunday Oliseh, who does not have enough technical clue about coaching, he has however never been able to coach a top team in the history of his coaching career, and has obviously waited on the shelf for good seven years to get the eagles job. Safe to say, his appointment was controversial because it lacks due process. It is no longer news that he obtained the UEFA license coaching certificate, rather he is renowned for his excellent TV analysis and punditry which necessarily does not amount to good coaching and man-management, on-field techniques amongst others.

It was widely reported that Oliseh called the security operatives in Belgium to get Vincent Enyeama out of the eagles camp, the legendary goalkeeper was ridiculed, Vincent is not a perfect human being like the rest of us but, no one deserves such treatment. He is the captain for God’s sake. What on earth was Oliseh thinking? This is just ridiculous. History will not forget him for the drama in far away Belgium. The coach who is using the Super Eagles to test run his coaching career disgraced the most capped player in the history of Nigerian football, Oliseh record cannot touch Enyeama’s record in Nigeria. Unfortunately, the NFF, renowned for swift press releases to deny issues has refused to make any comment on the saga.
Going through the social media, some Nigerians were of the opinion that Ahmed Musa’s appointment is political because the Nigerian president is from the Northern part of the nation, why would anyone think about that, like really? That is a dumb thing to say, and on the other hand, Musa is a great guy and lucky to be made a captain in a space of just three years with the team. I recall, Enyeama had an issue with the NFF’s disciplinary committee some weeks ago when he refused to yield their invitation to the committee for making comments about the team’s safety in Kaduna during the first leg of the 2017 cup of nations qualifier against Chad. Since then, he has been in hot soup and a target, it is an obvious pay back time and some people are using Oliseh to do their beat.  How wise can Oliseh get? No one should be treated that way, not even your dog. This is a low blow coming from Oliseh, his leadership skill is questionable, Nigerians should get set to see more of this coach who has temperament issues, as we all know him to be since his playing days. Enyeama could be rebellious too, but it takes a leader to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the people working under him and manage them well. How did Oliseh feel when he was booted out of the team and he missed the Korea/Japan world cup?
I don’t believe in Vincent Enyeama retiring, he cannot leave like that after his 13 years dedication to motherland. Carl Ikeme is the new messiah and you feel Enyeama is useless all of sudden, whatever happens to Austin Ejide who deserves to be part of the team. Oliseh is not what we need, he lacks the ability and capability, his leadership skills and man-management is not good for chasing one of the greatest in the super eagles out in that manner. Federal government, human right activists and Nigerians should rise and fight this injustice.
The goalkeeper lost his mother and a single message did not come from the NFF to share their condolence suddenly the picture of NFF President was sent out in a press release when he attended Enyeama’s mother’s burial, he has done a great job isnt it? shaking my head. Do we call that, hypocrisy? Oliseh said he did not inform him when his mother died, haba!!! We are talking about his mother here, to add salt to his injuries, and despite burying his mum just last weekend he went to camp and this happened. Enyeama please go home and mourn your mum. Work on yourself as well and I hope to see you back in the team, your instagram message on retirement as far as I am concerned is null and void.
Enyeama is still part of the team, as I conclude, I expect the NFF in their wisdom to wade in, it will be hypocritical of them to be mute at this stage.

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