Commotion in Trans Amadi Port Harcourt as Rivers Government agents strike….

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This was sent in by a reader who witnessed the happenings:

Please hide my ID and post. This is happened a few minutes ago at Trans Amadi area of Port Harcourt precisely in front of Halliburton and Schlumberger companies. Both companies (and many others around) did interlocking floors at the front of their offices where staff and visitors park their vehicles. This morning, some agents of Rivers State government with up to 15 vehicles written Park Control on them stormed Schlumeberger first and started towing cars of workers who were inside their offices in commando style. They later came up to the Halliburton end where they were promptly resisted by Halliburton staff with the company’s Mopol team which led to the commotion you can see from the pictures. They said Halliburton has to pay N41 million before they can use their front space for parking.

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When they were heavily resisted, they had to leave. I stylishly took the pictures because those guys came with their own Moplol too before dem go mend me Meanwhile they have taken some Schlumberger workers cars away (more like car theft because the owners do not even know as yet until they come out) and who knows what those guys will pay before they get back their cars.

Now this road was dualised by the Amaechi administration like many others during his time. The road has walkways and streetlights. All the companies now did interlocking to beautify the remaining areas to their fences. These spaces where marked and demarcated with short iron poles to make sure cars are parked well without any obstruction to the road or walkways. The companies used to pay a token of N1m per annum to government for business parking purposes. TIMARIV has never towed any cars from these places except if you park on the road.
Now Nyesom Wike wants N41 million per annum from Halliburton (and most likely the same amount from all the adjoining companies like Sclumberger, Baker Hughes, Coca Cola etc). Mind you, Wike has appeasing people all these while and calling himself friendly thinking that his election will be nullified and rerun election ordered. Now he has really sit in as governor and his true colors are coming out. Some people  who have never been to PH are here online crucifying Amechi but I tell you, PH people are in for a long 4 years. With the current trend of “area boys obtaining” in PH, we are surely back to the dark “matching ground” days when Wike was Obio/Akpor council chairman……. these were the exact words of everyone around during the commotion.
Did any reader witness this? Let us know your comment please.


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