Coronavirus: Zaha opens properties to NHS staff….

Crystal Palace star Wilfried Zaha has been using his company Zo Properties to help temporarily house health workers who are battling the Coronavirus outbreak. Along with business partner Obi Williams, the Ivorian forward put out a tweet to NHS workers in England offering free accommodation.

Mr Williams said that since their offer, they have allocated 50 units to NHS staff. “Just like any other business, we’ve been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. We decided that there had to be something we could do with our empty rooms,” he said. Mr Williams added that both he and Zaha have been “blown away” by the response after putting their message out via social media. “We were inundated with so many people who were in need,” he said. “We were trying our best to see who we can help and who we can house based on what we had available. “We’ve had landlords who have got in touch with us about their properties and said ‘just take it for as long as the NHS staff need it.'” Mr Williams added that he hopes that more companies will follow suit and offer assistance to those who need it as the outbreak continues to spread in the UK. “It’s turned into something we didn’t expect,” he said. “We’re glad to have been able to have helped. We’d like to do more so the key thing is if anyone out there can help, help. “This is an unprecedented time. “From our, side we hope this thing passes and everyone comes together.” Earlier in the week, Zaha sent a message to his Ivorian compatriots asking them to adhere to governmental rules.

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