Qatar 2022 World Cup stadium to be dismantled after event….

Qatar 2022: Ras Abu Aboud to be recycled into 20 to 30 smaller venues

Ras Abu Aboud Stadium, which will hold Qatar 2022 games up to the last 16, will be the first ever World Cup arena to be dismantled after the tournament. Behind it all is the architect Mark Fenwick, who is awaiting the stadium’s inauguration with great anticipation and is excited to see his design come to life when the ground hosts World Cup 2022 games up to the last-16 stage.

In a short video posted on the Twitter account of the Supreme Committee for Delivery, the body responsible for the organisation of the World Cup, Fenwick talked about the innovative concept behind the stadium. Noting that Ras Abu Aboud is representative of Qatar 2022’s commitment to sustainability, he said: “I hope to achieve the highest levels of sustainability with this engineering icon, particularly as it is so unique – nothing like it has ever been seen in the history of the World Cup. “We thought about how a stadium can be reused in another country after the event, and then as we developed the idea, we decided to use shipping containers as if they were Lego cubes, allowing us to later dismantle the stadium completely and repurpose its parts for 20 or 30 smaller sports venues. “I think it’s a design that took the world by surprise.”


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