Guardiola to miss Manchester City pre-season….

Guardiola ready for Juventus challenge - Allardyce |

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola will start the 2020/2021 missing much of the pre-season after he paid a visit to Barcelona.

His visit has led to consternation at Barça, where star player Messi has said he wants to leave with City one of the main candidates to sign the Argentinean. The problem with Guardiola’s visit to the the Catalan capital is that he will be obliged to undergo 14 days quarantine on return to the UK under Covid-19 rules. According to Sky Sports, Guardiola will have no means of legally avoiding undergoing quarantine, meaning he will miss most of Manchester City’s pre-season, with their first game in the Premier League due to take place on 21 September, with a visit to Wolverhampton. If Guardiola starts quarantine next Monda, he’ll be able to join up with his team for the first week of competition. However, if he stays in Spain longer, then he’ll miss yet more of his side’s preparation for the 2020/21 season.

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