Motorbiker Ana Carrasco suffers double vertebrae fracture….

Ana Carrasco, the first woman to win a motorbike world title, has suffered a double vertebrae fracture during testing at Portugal’s Estoril circuit.

Spain’s Carrasco, 23, is receiving treatment in hospital with back pain but is able to move all her limbs and has feeling throughout her body. Carrasco posted a video from hospital saying she feels “good”. She is currently in fourth place in the World Supersport 300 standings with three podium finishes this season. Carrasco said: “I had a fall this morning and I’ve hurt my back a bit. I have fracture of the D4 and D6 vertebrae but I feel good. “Let’s see if I can go to Barcelona soon and start with my recovery as soon as possible.” In 2018, Carrasco claimed the World Supersport 300 title by a single point over compatriot Mika Perez.


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