Lebanese footballer killed by stray bullet….

Lebanese footballer Mohamed Atwi killed by stray bullet to the head

Prominent Lebanese football player Mohamed Atwi died this morning, succumbing to the injury he sustained last month when a stray bullet hit him in the head.

The 33-year-old was injured while he was walking on the street of a neighborhood where the funeral of one of Beirut’s port blast victims was held on 21 August; the blast, caused by 2,750 tonnes of ammonium sulphate, hit the Lebanese capital on 4 August killing over 200 people and causing thousands of injuries. Ansar club paid tribute to his ex-captain on its twitter account: “With lots of distress and sorrow Ansar club’s board mourns the death of one of its sons the player Mohamed Atwi”. “It’s not only his family’s loss but also a loss to the club as he has always had a special spot in the hearts of fans who saw him as a well-mannered leader who has given a lot to the club” the statement added. The player’s family is demanding a wide investigation into the circumstances of the accident. Nobody has yet been taken into custody by the authorities over the incident. Mohamed Atwi was a quality midfielder who played for a number of Lebanese clubs and won the national league three times with his former team Ansar.

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