Thiago’s testing night….

Bayern Munich midfielder Thiago Alcantara will face off against his brother – Rafinha – when Bayern Munich travel to Barcelona for tonight’s Champions League semi-final. Thiago is two years older than the Barcelona full-back and their rivalry at the Nou Camp will pose an issue for their father – Mazinho – who famously performed a rocking baby celebration alongside Bebeto at the 1994 World Cup. “His heart will be divided,” Thiago says of his father. “He’ll have to get two scarves, cut them in half and sew them together.” As for facing his old club, Thiago speaks highly of Xavi Hernandez ahead of what will be his last Champions League game at Barca’s famous stadium but is also colourful on the goalscoring talents of Lionel Messi. “He’s spectacular, incredible,” adds Thiago. “He’s playing further from goal and he’s still scored 40 in the league. If he played in goal he’d score 25. There’s no comparison; he’s the best, a competitive animal.”

Thiago’s father, Mazinho (left), Bebeto (middle) and Romario (right) celebrating a goal for brazil during USA’94 World Cup.

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