Blatter re-elected as FIFA President….

Sepp Blatter

Mr. Joseph Sepp Blatter has been re-elected president of FIFA, football’s world governing body, in a vote overshadowed by arrests and corruption allegations. Mr Blatter’s rival, Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan, withdrew after the first round of voting. Mr Blatter fell seven short of the two-thirds needed, but Prince Ali opted not to contest further. Seven top officials were arrested in Switzerland on Wednesday as part of a US prosecution that indicted 14 people. Mr Blatter hailed his victory, thanking all those who voted from him and his rival, Prince Ali. Mr Blatter said: “I am not perfect, nobody is perfect, but we will do a good job together I am sure.” He also hinted that this term in office, his fifth, could be his last, saying: “At the end of my term I will give up FIFA in a strong position.” In conceding, Prince Ali said: “It’s been a wonderful journey… And I want to thank in particular those of you who were brave enough to support me.” The vote took place at FIFA’s congress in Zurich and a candidate needed 140 votes to win in the first round. Mr Blatter won 133 to Prince Ali’s 73. The two candidates had earlier delivered final appeals to the electors. Prince Ali, 39, said that questions had been raised in recent days “about whether our FIFA family is morally bankrupt”. He said: “There are no easy answers and no blame that can be cast that will wash away the stain that marks us all.” Mr Blatter had said: “I am being held accountable for the current storm – so be it, I will shoulder the responsibility. I will take it upon myself and I want to fix FIFA together with you.” To applause from a large number of delegates, he said: “I would like to stay with you. I would like to continue with you.”

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