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English Premier League Fixtures….


Saturday 18 April 2015:

Crystal Palace v West Brom 3 pm

Everton v Burnley 3 pm

Leicester v Swansea 3 pm

Stoke v Southampton 3 pm

Chelsea v Man Utd 5:30 pm

Sunday 19 April 2015:

Man City v West Ham 1:30 pm

Newcastle v Tottenham 4 pm


FIFA Congress cash for officials….

FIFA will hand out up to more than half a million dollars in cash to officials who attend next month’s annual congress. Officials from all 209 associations are entitled to receive an allowance of $1,000 (£666) for their five-day attendance around the FIFA Congress. FIFA has confirmed the allowance, for personal expenditure, is distributed in cash in US dollars from a FIFA administrative office, ’upon proof of identity and official accreditation’. A FIFA spokesperson has told Sky Sports News HQ: “The payment is made in cash as, from an administrative point of view, it would be extremely difficult to organise bank transfers for so many people (almost 700 people, with some of them who change at the last minute) and in 209 different countries and because the transfer fees would be too high in proportion to the amount of the allowance.” Each association is entitled to receive a maximum allowance of $3,000 (£2,000) for three officials, which means a total of more than $627,000 (£417,000) can be claimed in cash. FIFA also offers to pay basic accommodation and travel costs for all associations. The cash allowances are within FIFA rules, and there is no suggestion of any improper payments. The 65th FIFA Congress will be held on 28-29 May in Zurich

Bayern Munich’s club doctor resigns….

Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt, Bayern Munich club doctor

Bayern Munich’s club doctor Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt and three of his assistants have resigned from the club after claiming they were blamed for the shock Champions League loss to Porto. Muller-Wohlfahrt, who had been with the German champions for almost four decades, said in a statement that the “relationship of trust has been damaged”. The 72-year-old, also involved with the German national team for several decades, felt his team had been “made responsible for the defeat (to Porto) for inexplicable reasons,” reported. The other three members who walked out were Muller-Wohlfahrt’s son, Kilian, as well as Peter Ueblacker and Lutz Hansel. It has been reported that coach Pep Guardiola is not completely satisfied with Dr Muller-Wohlfahrt’s work, although he has not publicly pointed the finger at him. Last year, Guardiola advised Thiago Alcantara to seek treatment in Spain at his own preferred doctor rather than follow Dr Muller-Wohlfahrt’s advice, with Bayern sending one of their own doctors along to observe the work being carried out. Muller-Wohlfahrt has been Bayern’s club doctor since 1977, although he did resign once in 2008 when Jurgen Klinsmann was in charge. As soon as Klinsmann was sacked, he returned to the club and has been responsible for their medical department since. He is a trusted doctor with high-profile clients such as Usain Bolt regularly seeking his advice and treatment for their injuries. It is believed he will be continuing in his role as doctor for the Germany national team.

Platini and Blatter disagree over World Cup spots….


UEFA president Michel Platini hits back at FIFA president Sepp Blatter in a row over World Cup places. Blatter told football executives from North and Central America and the Caribbean yesterday their confederation “should” be awarded another World Cup place for the 2018 tournament in Russia given their success in Brazil last summer. “If Blatter wants to give one more slot to a confederation that reaches one time the quarter-final, what will he give to us, who have [the last] three world champions?” says Platini.

Chelsea suffer most online abuse….

Chelsea players

Premier League clubs and players have received more than 130,000 abusive posts on social media this season, according to a study by anti-discrimination group Kick It Out, BBC reports. The research found Chelsea were the most targeted club, while Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli suffered more abuse than any other player. Kick It Out now wants to form an expert group to tackle internet trolls. “The level of abuse is truly staggering,” director Roisin Wood said. “We must do all we can as a collective to protect those who are on the receiving end of discriminatory abuse.” The group says it is exploring forming a group made up of representatives from football, social media platforms and police to address the level of football-related racist, sexist and homophobic abuse. Wood said: “This research shows the true extent of the issue we are dealing with. So far this season, we have received 140 complaints relating to football-based hate crime on social media, yet we can see from these findings that over 134,000 discriminatory posts have occurred just in relation to the Premier League. “It is a huge volume to be looking at addressing but we must confront the problem head on.”