Oliseh: Coaching Super Eagles is an Uphill Risk worth Taking….









Writing on his website, The new Super Eagles coach, Sunday Oliseh has the following to say about his new job:

It is definitely the most delicate job in the African Football continent and definitely the most demanding. The Job of super Eagles Coach is one many love to hate but as a Nigerian Ex international and patriot it definitely does not leave you indifferent. Many out of love and doubts for our fatherland have expressed their doubts in my coaching Crews’ and my ability to coach and take to a higher level the super Eagles.This is understandable to an extent but definitely an added motivation. I am fully aware that though this is the honeymoon period of the job as we are yet to play a game, there are all kinds of other uphill difficulties ahead of Us. Our Nation Nigeria does not boast anymore of players who are plying their trade in the most prestigious clubs as was the case in the mid-1990’s till mid 2000’s,but with a population of 170 million people we are definitely blessed with Potential. Most especially when one takes Into consideration that football is like a Religion to Nigerians.

Our Ranking by FIFA is not so enviable thereby leaving us exposed to groupings with the best from Africa in qualifications to future major tournaments etc. There are reported disagreements in the household of National football as the local league has lost so much credibility the stadiums on National league days are rarely packed in certain league matches and needs us to improve to improve the pool of players available to us. The Nigerian is so passionate about soccer that in a nation of 170,000,000 people we have 170 Million coaches who are impatient, demanding and quick to dismiss any coach as a failure if he wins unconvincingly. The most difficult task facing us is that Nigerians want the super eagles to not only win matches, but win them playing in a flamboyant manner immediately?. This particular problem is further compounded with the fact that we get only by FIFA rules players from their clubs 4 days to the National team games. Time is needed to work on the players! We could go on and on but we are here to share why we feel it is worth giving it a try to make a difference and how we intend to try! We intend to try out mainly with players who are used to playing top flight football in any nation that they ply their trade.Hence the criteria of 1st division players. We have constituted a 4 man coaching crew that is diversified but we feel complimentary to try to make things work. One Belgo- Spanish Assistant coach in Jean Francois Losciuto who has been working in Africa for almost 2 yrs now,Salisu Yusuf and Goal keeper Coach Alloy Agu who is an ex international from the Golden generation era. Several other measures will be applied to try to improve our game but the joy that the Common Nigerian feels when things are going well with its football is the greatest motivation that will drive me to give it all. Many have asked or insinuated that they need me to miraculously repair our football in a flash! Though super motivated, I am not a Messiah and will need desperately the help of the Nigerian Football Federation,The Nigerian people and most importantly God’s help and Guidance. When I was proposed the job,my first thought and reply was; “no I am not interested” but after a second thought and discussions with Family and close confidants, I could not help but go back on my decision as I decided to borrow a leaf from the new president of Nigeria,President Mohammadu Buhari who at over 70 is bent on trying to bring about change and better the lives of his compatriots. Contrary to what some have said,we never discussed money and financial details as all we get is what our predecessor was paid and not more. It is an uphill task that could blow away the good name that God blessed one with but If there is one thing everyone can be rest assured coming from me will be the input of 150% of my efforts to improve what we have. Nigeria is ours to make or break and we, and only we can make it better by trying and not just sit on the fence. This is an uphill task worth more than taking on as it is for my people: my fellow countrymen, family, friends, and Continent! The journey has started and we invite you to please join us in trying to improve the fortune of the super Eagles, we can be catalysts to change, but we need you to bring about and effect that change. God bless Nigeria.


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