Jersey seeks international football status….


Jersey is to make a bid to join UEFA and play international football. The Channel Island, which has a population of around 100,000, is hoping to follow Gibraltar and take part in European Championship qualifiers. Jersey is currently classed as a county by the English Football Association. Under UEFA rules, non-sovereign nations cannot be members, but the Jersey FA said earlier this summer it was hopeful of changing the European football governing body’s mind.

In May 2013, Gibraltar, which is a British Overseas Territory, was accepted as a full member of UEFA, European football’s governing body. Gibraltar is the smallest Uefa member in terms of population, behind San Marino (just over 32,000), Liechtenstein (approximately 37,000) and the Faroe Islands (just under 50,000). While Jersey is self-governing, it is a crown dependency of Great Britain, with the Queen as head of state. However, the island is already recognised as a nation in its own right by the International Cricket Council, and its team reached the final qualifying tournament for the World Twenty20 this summer.

Other ‘non-nations’ playing international football

Gibraltar – a British Overseas Territory Anguilla – a British Overseas Territory
Faroe Islands – a self-governing country within Denmark Aruba – an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
Bermuda – a British Overseas Territory Montserrat – a British Overseas Territory
Puerto Rico – a self-governing Commonwealth in association with the US New Caledonia – a French overseas territory

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