Real Madrid are poised to announce football’s first £1 billion kit deal….

Real Madrid are on the brink of signing a 10-year, £106 million-per-season contract with Adidas, which would dwarf the one signed with Manchester United in 2014.It would also be as big as Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Barcelona’s kit deals combined.United’s £750m, 10-year contract is currently the largest in the world, having overtaken that agreed by Real with Adidas in 2012. The Spanish giants’ previous deal was not due to expire until 2020 but they have managed to secure a massive mark-up four years in advance.

Top Kit Deals for Teams:

Real Madrid (Adidas) £106m, 10 years
Manchester United (Adidas) £75m, 11 years
Bayern Munich (Adidas) £60m, 15 years
Chelsea (Adidas) £30m, 10 years
Arsenal (Puma) £30m, 5 years
Liverpool (New Balance) £24m, 6 years
Barcelona (Nike) £24m, 10 years
Juventus (Adidas) £20m, 8 years
Milan (Adidas) £18m, 10 years
PSG (Nike) £18m, 11 years

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