Ronaldo signs new contract….


Cristiano Ronaldo, has signed his new Real Madrid contract until 2021 and said it won’t be his last contract. Judging by his comments today, he could play until he is 41.  “I’ve got a lot of years left in football, another 10 years” Would that be at Real Madrid? He says he would like to end his career at the Bernabeu, but added: “no one knows what the future holds.” Ronaldo has scored 371 goals since joining from Manchester United in 2009. Asked if he can reach 500 goals, he replied: “These things happen naturally, I never thought about beating Raul’s record. 500 goals is possible, but I’m not obsessed with it. It is important to win titles with the team.” Ronaldo also said he was not “obsessed” with winning the Ballon d’Or, an honour he has won twice. He added: “It is important to win, but it is important to win the Champions League and European Championships. Team awards are more important than winning individual awards.” The 31-year-old also said he was “not contemplating” early retirement from the Portugal national side.

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