Ex player Ronaldinho appointed Tourism Ambassador….

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Brazil’s Travel and Tourism Institute named former player Ronaldinho Gáucho as the country’s new Tourism Abassador on Thursday. There is just one slight snag with that – the ex-Barcelona is unable to leave the country.

Back in July, the Brazilian High Court revoked both of Ronaldinho’s passports (he owns a Brazilian and a Spanish passport) meaning he cannot travel outside of Brazil. The decision was ratified by the Federal Superior Court on Tuesday. Ronaldinho, who publicly supported president Jair Bolsonaro during his electoral campaign, will part part of the Rei do Rolê programme, which encourages tourists from all parts of the world to send in their videos about Brazil. The winners of the competition will be invited to spend 30 days getting to know the country and will be received by Ronaldinho in person. According to El Folha de São Paulo, 57 properties owned by Ronaldinho have been seized by authorities – four of them by the Rio Grande do Sul Court for failing to compy with environmental regulations which incurred a 2.2 million euro fine. On top of that, he has other fines to the tune of 1.8 million euros.

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