Dossena treated like a terrorist….

Andrea Dossena

Former Liverpool and Sunderland defender Andrea Dossena has claimed he was treated “like a terrorist” after he was arrested for shoplifting in Harrods. Italian Dossena, 33, was detained with his wife, Deborah, and young son, Romeo, at the Knightsbridge department store, but all charges were later dropped. Dossena, who is now at Leyton Orient, told Corriere dello Sport they were handcuffed, “as you would do with a terrorist”, adding: “I was obviously in disbelief, not only because of that gesture but because I didn’t know what was going on – I hadn’t realised the mistake we’d made. “They asked to see our documents that prove our status as residents of London, and obviously I didn’t have them with me – I’d left them at home. So then they took us to the police station, where they held us until 22:30, despite the needs of a two-and-a-half-year-old child. It’s absurd to treat a child this way.”

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