Neymar won’t change his way of playing….

Every now and then Barcelona superstar Neymar gets a huge amount of criticism for what people perceive as “showboating”, showing off skills without any real necessity to allegedly humiliate the opponent. He’s been criticized by fans, opposing players, coaches and even some football legends. But Neymar continues to do it time and time again, with the support of his Barça teammates and coach Luis Enrique. They don’t want Neymar to be anything other than himself, and that’s exactly what the Brazilian thinks as well. Neymar will always be the same player, and he claims nothing will be able to change his way of playing football. Neymar said: “I am not going to change, of course I won’t change. People have to know that when you go on the pitch I have my way of playing and my way of playing is this, to dribble, to score goals, to help my teammates and I’m happy playing this way. If people aren’t, there’s nothing I can do. In football you give elbows and kicks, but not everyone can dribble. I won’t change my way of playing.”

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