Formula E seek to expand operations in Africa….

Electric motorsport series Formula E is seeking to expand its operations in Africa, the sport’s founder Alejandro Agag said. The series currently has just one race in Africa – with Morocco’s Marrakesh hosting one of the season’s 14 rounds – but this could be two within the next “12-24 months”. The championship has not featured an African driver since it started in 2014, but there are also plans to change this.

“One of the locations we’re talking to is Cape Town,” Agag told said. “We have some people there working to see if we can make it happen. There’s a great location there around the football stadium, so that would be one of the options we’re looking at.” Marrakesh has staged a race since the 2016, the third season of a championship which started in 2014, and the sport is keen to expand further. “Africa is a key continent where growth is happening and is going to happen,” said Allan McNish, the team principal of Audi Sport. “For the moment, Marrakesh is our home in Africa but we are actively looking for other cities, which doesn’t mean we’ll stop doing Marrakesh. “We could do two cities in Africa – and that’s a priority for us. I would suggest in the next 12-24 months, you’re going to be going to a lot more races on the continent.”

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