Ceferin elected as new UEFA president….

Aleksander Ceferin

Aleksander Ceferin has been elected as the new president of UEFA – European football’s governing body – following a vote by the organisation’s 55 association members. Ceferin – the head of the Slovenian FA – received 42 votes while rival Michael van Praag from the Dutch FA got 13. “My dear friends thank you for your fantastic support.” said Ceferin. “It means a lot to me, my small and beautiful Slovenia is very proud of it, and I hope that one day you will also be proud of me.” The unsuccessful Michael Van Praag – who had the backing of the English FA – says he accepts result. “Losing is not nice, but thank you for the clear, open and pleasant campaign. “I really cherished the nice and intensive talks I had with colleagues. “Aleksander and I have the same goal, we want a different UEFA, we want a better UEFA – but he wanted to do it his way and I wanted to do it my way.”

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