Mourinho talks further about football Einsteins….

A lively news conference went on today involving Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho ahead of their game against Leicester tomorrow and the special one is not happy with the media criticising him and his team. Mourinho says: “I am such a lucky guy. I can’t be upset with anything. The only thing that upsets me a little bit is the kind of criticism for my players. “I would love to protect my players, but from you (the media) I can’t. It is completely out of my control. That gives me a feeling that it is hard. That is frustrating. “The Einsteins (journalists / pundits) need money to live.

They can’t coach, they can’t be on the bench, they can’t win matches. They can speak, they can write. “They can criticise the work of other people. But I am a good man. I am a man of goodwill. I do lots of charity work. I am helping so many people. Why not also help feed the Einsteins.” On whether Leicester can win the Premier League again: “It is very difficult to retain the title,” says Mourinho. “History says that. Not many in the Premier League have done it. One team was Manchester United and another was managed by the worst manager in history of football (talking about when he retained the title with Chelsea). “I look at Leicester and they are very good. They won the Premier League because some of the big teams were not good enough last season. It is very easy to analyse and understand.”


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