Wenger will not read Mourinho’s book….


Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is asked today for his response to a book in which Manchester United counterpart Jose Mourinho is quoted as saying he would break the Frenchman’s face. “I haven’t read the book and I certainly will not read that so I can’t comment on that,” says Wenger. “I talk about football, that is all I do. I’m not in a destructive mode and I can’t comment on that as I’m focused on tomorrow’s game (against Mourinho’s former side Chelsea). “I have no personal problem with anyone and I respect everyone in the game. Sometimes I say what I think and that is how I am. This has nothing to do with our game tomorrow, I’m just focused on doing my job. Mourinho regularly clashed with Wenger while managing Chelsea, once describing him as a “specialist in failure” and also a “voyeur”.

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